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"If You Were Me" Stage Play

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 Daring to take South Florida Theater Arts for the urban market to a broader audience, Playwright/Director's Moses Washington and Passion Roosevelt have collaborated on directing MoWash Production upcoming stage play production entitled 

 "If You Were Me" that's set to take stage April 4th. This duo brings personality and creative visual upfront for the theater goers. Working together has strengthen both parties skills and also helped shaped the acting craft within the cast.  Passion stage productions are geared towards women empowerment that has been branded from her theatrical runway stage play Color Me Thick. Both Moses and Passion are intellectually gifted at writing, directing and acting which is a triple threat in the theater market for urban stage plays. Their mission is to bring more awareness on the Arts in South Florida for the urban community to help bring the violence rate down. "Giving our youth and young adults an outlet to be able to express their emotions on stage breeds great actors which is needed in South Florida," says Passion. "Educating our youth to expand their talents while empowering them about life helps them to grow into positive men and women and we need that in our community," conveys Moses. The duo plans on reaching out to schools and youth programs by talking with the students to express how being involved with theater can create for a lucrative career, while also creating acting workshops/shows to help bring more theater and arts to South Florida. MoWash Production is honored to be working with P-Say Entertainment. 

  "If You Were Me" Written & Directed By Moses Washington. Is A show you don't want to miss. Featuring Cleofis Bird the 3rd Junior and His Twin brother Tiny. A Stage Play Production that will have you laughing and crying all in minutes of each other. A show that gives you a great opportunity to see life in eyes other than your own. "If You Were Me" stage play touches on many issues that we see and deal with in our community on an every day bases, from race relations in America, to family & friends problems, down to our youth and their peer-pressures... and most importantly education. A Stage Play who's missions is to show you that one shoe doesn't fit all situations and how important it is not to judge but to help, encourage each and everyone. Saved The date April 4th 7:30pm.

MoWash Productions Wants To Send A Big Thank you, To all our supporters, We couldn't have done it without you.

"If You Were Me"

 DVD's Coming Soon!

On Sunday, April 13, 2014, the MoWash Family fed the community of Miami, Fl. 

Moses Washington has a heart for giving back. The MoWash Family came together as one to feed the community. This was not only an awesome day for the homeless that received a hot meal of baked chicken, yellow rice and green beans (Catered by Jackson's Soul Food Restaurant) but a day that the bond between the MoWash family got that much stronger. It was definitely an unforgettable experience!