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If You Were Me

Written and Directed by Moses Washington

If You Were Me tells the story of Nia and Kurt Hawkins, a married couple who's faced with sharing their home with young adults Ponkin and Daniel who will surely have you in awe . This stage play puts a spin on the traditional theater comedy, proving that when it comes to marital problems, it's all about commitment. It's a culture clash for the ages when two families from wildly different backgrounds come together to share one home. As if the union wasn't complicated enough, Kurt and Nia's marriage is brought to a screeching halt that will throw the couple into hysterical chaos. The purpose of If You Were Me is to show its audience that one shoe doesn't fit all situations and how important it is not to judge, but to help encourage each and every one. The comic relief is led by the witty Tiny and his twin brother "Bird da 3rd Jr."

Does He Even Love Me

Written and Directed by Moses Washington

A woman loses her children and struggles to hold on to her faith.  A young man questions God and his own worth to live.  A wife drifts away from her husband and his vision to be the head of his house-hold.  A pastor struggles to keep his members and his own faith together.  A melodrama Stage Play Production that leaves you with the question of; what happens to a man and his church when he himself, begins to question who God is?  "Does HE Even Love Me" is a dramatic stage play that encompasses a test of faith and a test of love.

3 Sides To A Story

Written and Directed by Moses Washington

Three Sides to A Story is about a group of friends, who take a discounted vacation to a couples retreat. Although the intention of the getaway was pure pleasure, the young couples soon realize it came at a much higher price than they originally expected when Cleofis, the counselor/clerk and bellman of the resort, turns their vacation into an examination of the common problems many face.

The couples begin to find themselves coping with the issues they thought they could just ignore and slowly start to realize that it will take more than just love to hold their relationships together.

Will the retreat reaffirm their love or will it only reveal how they truly feel in their relationship? Remember, there are always "three sides to every story" – your side, their side and the truth.

The Moment of Truth

Written and Directed by Moses Washington

Nia and her husband Kurt are being faced with one of the most notorious intersections in a marital relationship. Finding themselves backed into a corner of dystopia that will ultimately test their love and faith. They must decide whether to run and hide or stand their ground and come together against a traumatic experience that can break their marriage and tear their family apart. THE MOMENT OF TRUTH is an observance of the vibrancy and resilience encountered within a strong relationship that will bring about suspense, anticipation, laughter, joy and relief!

Where Do We Go From Here

Written and Directed by Moses Washington

"Where Do We Go From Here" reminds us about the many expressions of love and reminds us that even in love, difficult circumstances and situations may arise. Unfortunately, society has created its version of what marital bliss is. The image of what's worth fighting for and what's not in a marriage, has been depicted to us by society and not by what we know to be true. Today, the term, 'til death do us part is in more cases than others, swept under the rug when faced with financial obligations, weight gain, weight loss, failures and achievements. These instances are all a part of this journey we call life. However, these very instances may lead to unhappiness and jealousy between a husband and a wife, who only had intentions of living happily ever after. These circumstances may leave one or both partners asking, "Where Do We Go From Here?"

The Nursing Home

Written and Directed by Moses Washington 

The Nursing Home is a dramatic comedy with a twist of mystery that follows 8 elderly individuals living in a nursing home. Forgotten by parents whose schedules were just too rigorous to give them the care that they needed, these 8 individuals must rely on each other to cope with life away from family and friends. With 8 different personalities and a wealth of knowledge between them, you will follow them on their journey full of history, entertainment, suspense, cut throat honesty, jokes and everyday conversation. The Nursing Home stage play will have you laughing, crying and in deep thought all in a matter of moments. You don’t want to miss this amazing show that will have you on an emotional roller-coaster of suspense, drama and survival.